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Café Cristina K-Cups

Café Cristina K-Cups

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Taste Costa Rica in Every Cup: Café Cristina K-Cups

Indulge in Café Cristina K-Cups, crafted from single-origin, medium-dark roast Arabica beans grown on our organic 12-hectare farm in Costa Rica's verdant mountains. Savor the rich, complex flavors nurtured by sustainable practices. Conveniently brewed in your Keurig, fully compostable pods minimize your footprint. Taste the difference, sip sustainably.

Key details:

    • Single-origin: Unique Costa Rican flavors
    • Medium-dark roast: Rich, satisfying taste
    • Organic: Sustainably grown
    • Compostable pods: Eco-friendly choice
    • Keurig compatible: Quick and convenient

Discover your new favorite coffee: Café Cristina K-Cups.