More than just a coffee farm

Finca Cristina is a family farm with a small-scale mill and roaster located on the south slopes of the Irazú volcano. Volcanic soils, high elevation and moderate temperatures produce a well-balanced cup of coffee with good acidity and body.

​When you talk about a coffee farm, the first thing that probably enters your mind are images of a vast monoculture plantation, with all the coffee plants in tidy rows along the contours of the hillsides.

However, on Finca Cristina, growing coffee involves a totally different concept in which our farm is more like a natural habitat than a monoculture. The coffee plants on our farm are one important piece of an ecosystem which we have been working hard to encourage and maintain.

 Apart from the coffee growing under the shade of the Erythrina trees, there is a whole mix of wild flowers, insects, birds and many more living organisms which all play a very important role in making Café Cristina a superb quality.